Hibiscus coccineus (Scarlet rosemallow)


The Piedmont Physic Garden is a nonprofit botanical garden in Union, SC. It was founded in 2014 by the family of Dr. Paul K Switzer, a physician who practiced in Union for almost 60 years. In his memory, the Switzers donated two residential lots to PPG to create a small apothecary garden containing plants with historical medicinal uses, many native to the Piedmont and the Southern Appalachian corridor. That same year, the family of the Honorable Jack and Nonie Flynn, donated two adjoining lots, significantly expanding the scope of the garden.

As a physic garden, PPG's role is to reconnect people with the world of plants and to educate them on the impact that plants have on our daily lives, particularly our overall health and wellness.


Located in the heart of Union's historic district, PPG serves as a hub for a wide range of educational programs for children, teens and adults. 




Sanguinauria canadensis (Bloodroot)

Children study the agave plant, which offers health benefits from weight loss to wound healing in addition to being an alternative to sugar.

Inspired by London's Chelsea Physic Garden, PPG's mission is "to exhibit and promote the medicinal, economic, cultural and environmental importance of plants to the people of Union County and the surrounding Piedmont region of South Carolina."


mISSION Statement